Ensure Your Comfort with our Proven Technologies

Energy-saving with layers of fabric
Eclipse ThermaLayer™ curtains feature multiple layers of thermal fabric to combine eclipse™ technology and design.
Energy-saving with triple weave technology
Eclipse ThermaWeave™ curtains feature blackout fibers woven into soft, drapable fabric to create a stylish, triple-weave technology thermal curtain.
Energy-saving with thermal coating
Eclipse ThermaBack™ curtains feature an applied foam technology to combine energy-saving thermal coating with fashionable fabrics.
Reduces UV rays & protects furniture
Eclipse SheerFunction curtains feature innovative technology that increases the UV blocking characteristics of beautiful, stylish sheers.

Eclipse ThermaLayer™ technology provides a triple layer approach to functional curtains. Black yarns are woven into a unique thermal lining to produce a dual protective layer. Our specialized weaving method keeps the black yarns within the lining so that the lining face has a luxurious white finish. This lining is then sewn onto beautiful face fabrics. This technique creates a curtain that has supreme light blocking, noise reducing, and energy saving functionality with a decorator aesthetic.

The Technologies Behind Eclipse Curtains

Hear one of our designers speak to the innovative technologies behind Eclipse Curtains!