5 Ways To Create the Perfect Boho Bedroom

The bohemian style is about showcasing your free spirited personality through the use of vibrant colors, clashing patterns, and an eclectic mix of décor accessories. For over 200 years, boho has been associated with artists, writers, and free thinkers as a style that deviates from the norm and celebrates the unique tastes of the individual.

Want to get the perfect boho chic look in your own home? Follow the style tips below.

  1. Hang a tapestry in place of a headboard

Tapestries are a key element of boho style. Not only does hanging a tapestry create a cozy backdrop for your boho inspired bedroom, but it’s an easy and inexpensive DIY project! For best results, chose a tapestry with a funky pattern and bold colors to create a stunning focal point for the room. There are several methods you can use to create a tapestry headboard. The simplest way is to hang the tapestry of your choice on the wall, making sure the tapestry hangs below the top of bed. Alternatively, you can affix the tapestry onto a wooden board before hanging. You can find a great guide on this method here. Lastly, you can install a curtain rod above your bed to hang the tapestry on. Find out more information on this method here!

headboard-tap headboard-tap1


  1. Paint a bright accent wall

Painting an accent wall is a great way to add instant pop to your room. Keep three of your walls neutral, then chose a bold color for the fourth, adding instant visual interest to the room.

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  1. Use sheer curtains to create the perfect setting

Bohemian rooms often use gauzy, sheer curtains to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Our Eclipse light filtering curtains are the perfect addition to any boho room, whether it’s to filter the natural sunlight coming through your window or to create a DIY poster canopy for your bed. You can also add strings of Christmas lights around the perimeter of the room for an extra whimsical and dreamy look.


  1. Find patterned bedding to be your centerpiece.

No boho room is complete without unique bedding! Your bed will be the centerpiece of the whole room, so make sure it stands out. Common boho patterns include mandelas and ikats, but be sure to choose a top of bed that feels right for you.

boho boutique

  1. Mix and match accessories

Boho rooms are known for their great collections of mix and match accessories. If you’re a world traveler, try assembling one important souvenir from each one of your trips onto a delicate decorator tray. Displaying your collection this way is not only a beautiful way to accessorize your room but a great conversation starter! Woven wall tapestries are also a great choice for boho style rooms. You can easily find handmade ones on Etsy or even try your hand at creating your own! No matter what your choice, remember that the bohemian style of decorating is about being true to yourself – so don’t be afraid to make the bold choices that feel right.