• Are Eclipse curtains fire retardant?

  • Eclipse curtains are not fire retardant. The FTC only requires that curtains intended for commercial spaces be fire retardant. Most curtains intended for individual home use are not meant to be resistant to fire. If there is a special need for fire retardant curtains, however, most dry cleaners can apply a special chemical that will render your curtains fireproof.  

  • What are the differences between Absolute Zero, Blackout, Room-Darkening, and Light Filtering curtains?

  • The amount of light that is filtered through a curtain is a personal preference and can also be based on the room in which they will be used.

    We recommend Absolute Zero curtains for home theaters, bedrooms, or kid’s rooms where a pitch black effect is desired and where any kind of light could be seen as a distraction.

    Blackout curtains offer a similar light blocking strength, but instead of pitch blackness, there is a sense of total sun blocking with a slight glow that penetrates the curtain. We recommend these curtains for the bedroom, living room, den, kitchen, or playroom, where you may want the appearance of darkness, while still having enough light to navigate throughout the room.

    Room-darkening curtains are designed to block harsh sunlight rays, while still providing beautiful ambient lighting in a room. These curtains are also recommended for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or playroom depending on the desired amount of light in these areas.

    Light-Filtering sheers allow all of the sun’s natural light and beauty to come through your windows, while blocking the harsh UV rays that can damage your skin and your furniture. Use these curtains in rooms where you want maximum natural light, without the negative effects of the sun.

  • Do blackout curtains block enough light to keep my room pitch black, even in bright sunlight?

  • Because light is so powerful, no woven curtain can block 100%, but here are some things to consider. Most thermaweave buyers are very satisfied with 99% light blocking performance, but for more of a “pitch black” room, consider thermaback curtains or use a thermaliner behind an existing curtain, because these use a light-impermeable foam backing. Always configure your curtain rods to ensure a tight fit around the sides; this is how most light enters a window fitted with black-out curtains.

  • Why do I still see some light when my black-out curtains are drawn? Don't they block 99% of light?

  • Yes, all eclipse curtains are proven in independent laboratory tests to block over 99% of light. But there are two factors that result in some light still being seen by our eyes. Because light is so powerful, even 1% of light is still visible to our eyes. Our eyes are designed to adjust to darkness in a way that helps us see even very low levels of light in darkened rooms.

  • Should I keep my curtains open or closed to save more energy?

  • That depends – on the time of year and the time of day, as you can see from the following eclipse curtains energy-smart guidelines. In the winter, keep eclipse thermal curtains closed whenever there is no direct sunlight entering a room. However, because direct sunlight can provide a heating effect you should open your curtains when direct sunlight could be entering a room. In the summer, you will maximize your energy savings by always keeping your eclipse curtains closed, as they will minimize cooling loss across the windows, and ensure that no direct sunlight enters your room.

  • Don't all curtains prevent energy loss?

  • No, there can be dramatic differences from curtain to curtain. That’s because the ability to block energy loss depends on a variety of factors, and eclipse curtains have been specially designed and manufactured to provide an effective barrier to thermal transfer and energy loss.

  • I am exposed to noise all day long, why should I worry about blocking it at home?

  • There are a couple of reasons to try to keep as much noise as possible out of your home. We need recovery time. One of the most important things we can do is to set aside some time at home to relax and unwind from the day. Noise is always an impediment to relaxation, and is especially problematic when we are trying to sleep. You will be more relaxed, better rested, and more ready to face the next day if you can block the world out for a few hours of peace and quiet at home every night. And with eclipse curtains, you will be exposed to less outside noise.

  • How much noise can a curtain really block?

  • Eclipse curtains are proven to block much more noise than ordinary curtains. Independent lab tests prove eclipse curtains block up to 40% more unwanted outside noise than ordinary curtains*.

    (* Eclipse thermaback curtain vs. ordinary sailcloth curtain; pink noise above 125 hz. Testing conducted at independent testing lab Bureau Veritas.)

  • How do I remove wrinkles and creases from my new eclipse curtains?

  • Thermaweave: To remove creases caused by folding, put panels in dryer along with a clean damp cloth or dish towel, tumble dry on low heat for approximately 20 minutes. Immediately remove panels and hang.

    Thermaback: To remove creases caused by folding, put panels into dryer along with a clean damp cloth or dish towel, and tumble dry on low heat for approximately 20 minutes. Immediately remove panels and hang. For stubborn wrinkles, press the panel on the face side using a warm iron. DO NOT STEAM; DO NOT IRON WHITE FLOCKED BACKING on the panel. For suede panel, place a clean cloth or dish towel over the wrinkle and iron from the face side of the panel.