The Nordic Trend

The Nordic trend has been massively influential in home this year. There is an intense appeal in the quiet, understated and clean beauty of Scandinavian design. The Nordic trend captures a sporty digital look that emphasizes linear motifs, color blacking, and nostalgic retro geometrics, in conjunction with a black and white dominated color palette.  Simple shapes and designs are key. Functionality is another important theme of Nordic design. Each piece of the home should be both functional and beautiful. Frivolous and over the top design is eschewed for efficiently designed items that serve a decorative and functional purpose. The overall feel of a Nordic inspired room should be simple and tranquil.


Pops of vibrant, robin’s egg blue are very popular and stand out brilliantly against black and white backgrounds. The sparing use of warm metals, such as copper, is important to avoid an overly cold or sterile look. Warm metals are most commonly found in light fixtures, such as stunning copper pendant lights throughout the kitchen and living rooms. Light touches of wood, fur and glass add additional warmth and depth to the room.  Luxe materials elevate the simple design of the furniture. Graphic calendars along with digitalized knick knacks will complete the look. This year, cacti and other succulent plants have become popular as a natural and simple way to add a pop of color to the space.