The Bizarre Trend

The Bizarre trend is all about updating your home with fresh and vibrant patterns, colors, and scenery.

Inspired by the pop art movement of the 1950’s, The Bizarre trend uses sensational color palettes and bold patterns to lend an offbeat feel to any room of the home. Whether it’s a graphic art dec pillow or funky, kaleidoscope repeat bedding, the Bizarre trend adds a fantastical and playful touch to any room of your home. 

The Geomatrix

the-bizarre-02The Geomatrix trend focuses on using chic and graphic geometrics to refresh home décor.  These striking and graphic patterns are sweeping the design industry from bedding to glassware. The key to using the Geomatrix trend in your own home is to mix-and-match bold patterns within the same room setting to create a dynamic but cohesive look. Don’t shy away from vibrant color palettes, as these are essential for creating the Geomatrix’s trademark impact. Pairing yellow or metallic touches with black and white geos is just one fun application of this trend!

 Black & White

the-bizarre-03The Black & White trend is featured everywhere this season, from H&M dress racks to the displays at Maison & Objet in Paris. The combination of black and white colors has always been a classic, clean look, but The Bizarre is all about bringing trends to the next level. To get the Black + White trend in your own home, remember to incorporate color blocking. Graphically displaced stripes and bold trims help create a visually stimulating, modern impact, while contemporary color splicing achieves a sleek, dramatic aesthetic.

The Design House

the-bizarre-04The Design House trend is one of the most bold and daring of the year thus far. Influenced from high fashion and art, Design House focuses on combining graphic elements with bright colors. To achieve this trend in your own home, choose décor items with painterly techniques to add intrigue to the room. Metallic accents can also add a dramatic effect.

Wild Life

the-bizarre-05We’ve been seeing a big revival of nature patterns in home décor, specifically tropical motifs. From land to see, our designers saw home décor creatures hailing from the tropics, safari, and coastline. Flamingos, zebras, and seahorses were the star players in this explosion of nature inspired décor. Tropical patterns infuse the home with an island style vibe, emphasizing vibrant and exotic color palettes. It’s the perfect way to fuse the exterior with the interior life – bringing seafaring and tropical motifs out of nature and into the home. It also brings a relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere.