The Elemental Trend

The Elemental trend focuses on creating the dreamy, relaxed, and ethereal atmosphere you’ve always craved in your home. This trend is a natural update to the neutral looks we’ve seen dominate the interior landscape for the last few seasons. Hazy, nostalgic colors paired with warm metals and irresistibly soft furs provide perfect contrast and create a soothing atmosphere. Incorporating natural elements such as marble, fur, copper, and metals brings the look back down to Earth.



A big part of the Elemental trend is incorporating marble elements for a classic yet updated look. Historically, marble denotes classicism and perfection in form and beauty, making it the perfect element in bringing together an interior space. This season we’ve seen modern marble references ranging from absolute minimal purity to manipulated decoration and colorful patchwork. White dominated palettes are most popular. To complete the look, team chalky pastel accents with neutral earth tones to provide a refined finish to any room.

Fantasy Fur


Faux fur has been consistently trending for the last few seasons, but it simply doesn’t compare to the dreamy and cloud-like fantasy fur we’ve been seeing. Fantasy fur takes on the very best aspects of the trend: super soft tones, textures, and layering, and pairs it with fresh and instantly fun patterns. Ombre, marbling, tie dye and black and white are the key trends we’ve been seeing. To get the look, choose décor items with either an unusual texture, such as long haired faux fur throws, or a fun pattern, such as subtle stripes or marbling.



We’re continuing to see distressed metallic foil prints and metallic lurex threads throughout the home textile industry. We love to add small hints of neutral metallic, copper, and rose gold to a room to create a calming and contemplative feel to the space. Subtle woven naturals that incorporate metallic yarns and pearlescent shine add a playful touch to any room. The most important thing to remember when adding metallic touches to a room this season is that you must aim for a hybrid of matte shine and high bling. When it comes to the Metallic trend, subtle effects make the strongest impact!