Opacity Levels

Absolute Zero
  • Blocks 100% of light
  • Maximize privacy
  • Maximize noise reduction
  • Maximize energy savings
Black Out
  • Blocks 98%-99.9% of light
  • Maximize privacy
  • Considerable noise reduction
  • Significant energy savings
Room Darkening
  • Blocks 93% - 97.9% of light
  • Significant amount of privacy
  • Some noise reduction
  • Some energy savings
Light Filtering
  • Softly filters light
  • Blocks UV rays up to 33%
  • Better than bare window

In a market that is filled with different types of window treatments, the “blackout” category has become increasingly popular. The definition behind blackout curtains, however, is often vague and inconsistent. Opacity level is a personal preference. With four levels of opacity to offer, Eclipse Curtains provide a clear guide to purchasing the exact curtain for your needs.

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